Making your 2 litres go further…

We’ve all heard the adage that drinking 2 litres of water every day is something we should all be doing. While most people do not realise that this rule of thumb should include your usual beverages, it’s still no bad thing to ensure you stay well hydrated. But there are some simple additions that will make a humble glass work harder for you:


  • Sour not sweet – adding a tablespoon of vinegar to 8 fluid ounces of water before a meal interferes the body’s ability to digest starch and therefore store fat, according to a study carried out by Arizona State University. It has long been thought that apple cider vinegar is best but it’s really the acetic acid with the starch blocking power in any vinegar. Some may find wine vinegars more palatable.
  • On the rocks – According to scientists at Utah State University, adding ice to a glass of water speeds up metabolism for up to 90 minutes after consumption. It is thought that the body burns additional calories to bring the the reduced body temperature up to normal levels.

Give them a try!

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