Three simple weight-loss ideas that actually work!

  1. Use a smaller plate
    By swapping your usual plate for a smaller one you’ll be cutting down on a significant number of calories and research has shown you won’t feel any less full. We tend to serve ourselves according to the size of the plate we have, so a two inch reduction in plate diameter, for example from a 12 inch to 10 inch diameter, will result in 22% fewer calories. Over the course of a day’s meals, this could be a saving of more than 500 calories. Simple but effective!
  2. Drink up

  3. Drink up
    Drinking a large glass of water 15 – 30 minutes before a meal means you’ll already have a sense of being full before you start eating. This will in turn lead to fewer calories being consumed and can ultimately lead to weight loss. This also has the added benefit helping you stay hydrated, which can improve your skin and keep you energised. We hear a lot about how much water we should be drinking so by adding this change to your daily routine you can stop worrying whether you’ve had enough.
  4. Slow down!
    Another good way to curb calorie intake is to eat more slowly. Today’s pace of life is hectic but taking more time to chew our food not only enables the enzymes in saliva to start the process of digestion, it also gives our bodies more time to let us know how full we are. In addition to receptors in the stomach that sense it being stretched as it fills, hormones such a cholecystokinin (CCK) and leptin are released that let’s our brains know how satisfied we are. If we eat too quickly it is thought that the complex hormonal interactions are not given enough time to work.Try putting your cutlery down between mouthfuls as a way of getting used to slower eating.

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