Kerry’s Inch-Loss Blog – Week 1

We invited Kerry to blog her experiences during her course of inch-loss treatments with us. We will be publishing the results each week with photos of her progress.

Hi! I’m Kerry, a (very) early 40-something mum of two. I like fashion, food, my kids and writing. Since the children I’ve been struggling to lose weight and get back into shape. I get tired easily, I feel worn out a lot of the time. To be honest I haven’t been in a good place for months. Yes, I do social drinking. Yes, I do sneaky eating. No, I don’t have much time to myself.

I googled weight-loss in my area and Ascot Body Sculpture came up. I’d just been paid so I thought – you know what, lets give it a try. This is the start of my change for the better.

From my original photos (which I’ve just seen today) you may think “she’s not that bad, she hasn’t got anything to worry about” but I feel awful, my clothes don’t fit, I get breathless and just feel so run down.

I had my first treatment with Richard on Tuesday 1st September – a single Cryo treatment on my tummy.

This week I’ve started a course of laser lipolysis and ultrasonic cavitation sessions. I’ll be having two per week for a full course of 6 treatments. I had my first one yesterday – now this is relaxing! I could have fallen asleep. Cavitation was an unusual experience, it sounded like I had crickets in my head!

Richard has written up a program for me to follow and I have cut out as much sugar and sugary snacks as I can. I’m not drinking any alcohol at all whilst I’m on this course either. This in an investment in me and I’m going to stick with it.

Kerry Week 1

These pictures are great, I’m so pleased with the results in just one week! I’ve just been in the gym again and feel a bit stronger than last time – I hope this continues.

I’m not quite where I want to be but I’m so, so pleased with the results so far.

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