Kerry’s Inch-Loss Blog – Week 2

After her second week of treatments with us, Kerry continues to make great progress. Here’s this week’s post.

I’ve now had my 3rd laser lipo session and I’m thrilled with the results.

I did start to struggle last week, what with the kids going back to school and there being snacks in the house but I’m doing my best to keep focussed and really trying to devote the time to me for a change instead of getting drawn in to any number of things that seem to take up my time without me getting anywhere!

Kerry's blog week 2I’ve been doing 20 minute workouts on YouTube every day and the days after my laser lipo I’m in the gym. This week Richard has had me using a ‘slam ball’ and I’m literally holding it over my head and throwing it to the ground as hard as I can – it’s surprisingly therapeutic…and exhausting!

I thought he was being easy on me but no, I can only manage about 10 but he gets me doing 15! The support is great – I didn’t realise but I don’t and won’t push myself and even though I kid myself that I’m rowing or running flat out, I’m not.

I do find myself thinking about food a lot but then I just keep thinking that this isnt a diet, I can have everything but in moderation, which is probably where I went wrong in the first place. Still I’m here now and things can only get better.

Looks like I’m going to fit into that fab dress for Christmas after all :-) Kerry x

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