Kerry’s Inch-Loss Blog – Week 3

Kerrys Blog Week 3

OK, final treatment over and I feel amazing! I couldn’t be happier and the photos look great!

I’ve lost a total of 3 inches in just 3 weeks. I haven’t had a stomach like this since before the kids (I’m saying that but I’m thinking WAY before the kids, if at all).

Last week I have really gone for it with my exercising too knowing that it was my final week and my last treatment.

This has meant doing push-ups and planks in advert breaks and lunges when I’ve been doing the ironing, it’s all calorie burning!

I’ve really noticed the difference, not just in how well my clothes are fitting but I genuinely feel better inside too. I have more energy running around after the kids and I feel more focussed at work. I just feel great, like I’ve had an overhaul or something. I think my youngest says it best – he tells me I look ‘epic’ :)

My head is in a great place and I’m changing the way we eat at home. The kids are being weaned off sugary snacks and I’m going to just being sensible with my eating and drinking.

That’s it then – 1 fat freezing treatment + 8 laser lipo and cavitation sessions + 2 litres of water every day + 20 minutes of daily exercise = happy mummy.

Here’s my 3-week transformation. Love Kerry xx
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