PureCryo Cryogenic Lipolysis

PureCryoPureCryo cryogenic lipolysis or ‘fat freezing’, like all our treatments, is a completely non-invasive accelerated inch-loss treatment. The procedure works by the controlled, selective cooling of cells in the adipose (fat) layer, which results in cellular apoptosis or death. These cells are broken down over a period of up to 12 weeks and naturally removed by the body.

How Does it Work?

PureCryo uses the application of a technique called Cryogenic Lipolysis that was developed by scientists at Harvard Medical School who observed that some children developed dimples in their cheeks after eating ice lollies. The selective destruction of the fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues is the science behind the efficacy of Cryogenic Lipolysis.

The treatment draws heat out of the fat cells, causing the lipids and fat within the cells to freeze, forming ice crystals. These ice crystals extend beyond the cell membrane allowing ions to pass across the cell membrane in an uncontrolled manner resulting in an ionic imbalance within the cell. This ionic imbalance leads to cellular death or apoptosis. The lipids in the fat cells are more sensitive to heat and cold than other surrounding cell types. This means that during the treatment, no other cells, skin, tissues or nerves are affected. During the 12 weeks following the treatment, the cells and are removed by the body using natural biological processes.

The results of the treatment have shown a reduction in the density of fat of between 25% and 40%. With a good diet and workout regimen, this reduction in fat and the resulting loss-loss can be permanent.

Treatable Areas

PureCryo Fat Freezing can be used to treat the following areas:

  • Stomach
  • Male Chest
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Buttocks
  • Arms

For Even Better Results

At Ascot Body Sculpture we believe in support and are dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals. After the first treatment we can offer you a range of additional treatments to complement and further accelerate your inch loss. After the initial consultation we can look at a tailored set of treatments scheduled in the weeks following your initial PureCryo treatment and you will also have free use of our on-site gym. We can measure and log you at each stage of your 12 week process to really show you how well you are doing!

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Any Questions?

If you have any questions relating to PureCryo Fat Freezing or any of our treatments, see our FAQs page or get in touch.