Treatments for Men

Treatments for MenThe pressures of getting in shape and looking your best are as prevalent today for men as they are for women. Our treatments are not the preserve of our female clientèle and work just as well for men Рin fact, nearly half our clients are male!

The Pace of Life is Hectic – Let us Help You Stay Ahead of the Game

Even if you have the time to work out, getting the results you want can be frustratingly slow. Entertaining clients and the drink after work all add up to reverse the benefits of your time in the gym. Our accelerated laser lipo treatments can give you the boost you need to start tackling the extra bulk and feeling your best again.

Laser Lipo

Not a Beauty Salon!

Whether you’re a body-builder looking to prepare for competition or you just need a bit of extra help ridding yourself of your love handles or that middle age spread, come along for a consultation and see what we can do for you. This is not a beauty salon – this is a professional clinic with the added bonus of a fully equipped gym on-site.

Any Questions?

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