Vacuum Massage

Vacuum Massage is a type of therapeutic massage used in aesthetics for body sculpting and cellulite reduction. It can also be used to help treat certain medical conditions, such as colds and bronchitis.

How Does it Work?

Vacuum MassageAlternating positive and negative pressures are applied through the treatment head to the area being treated. The positive pressure causes blood vessels to constrict and the skin to relax helping to reorganise connective tissues. The negative pressure (suction) causes the skin to lift, promoting elasticity, and the blood vessels to dilate, resulting in a rush of blood and lymph to the skin from deep lying tissues. This blood rush promotes oxygenation and brings nutrients to the skin and subcutaneous layer, which in turn speeds up the metabolism and reverses the stagnant circulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue leading to an increase in lymphatic drainage.

Vacuum massage is considered one of the most effective treatments against cellulite by smoothing the subdermal fat layer and making the skin more elastic. Vacuum massage is particularly effective when used in conjunction with laser lipolyis and ultrasonic cavitation as part of a specialised combination treatment.

Treatable Areas

Vacuuum massage is primarily used on the lower part of the body such as buttocks and thighs. It can be used to treated the stomach and arms but this can result in some discomfort. It is never used over bony areas of the body, such as hips, back or head.

Complementary Treatments

Vacuum massage and ultrasonic cavitation work in conjunction with laser lipo to further accelerate the rate of fat cell reduction.

Laser Lipo
Ultrasonic Cavitation

Any Questions?

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